When you value something or someone is special to you… You nurture, protect and safe keep it the best you can


As we should do with our faith. If we value our faith. We’re going to do what we can to preserve it and help it grow. Faith without works is dead. We have to prove our faith by doing what we can to please God. Simply believing in Him does not suffice. Would your parents be more pleased if you said you’re going to go to college, or if you actually went out there and did go to college and accomplish something? If you went of course, right? Same thing with God. He gives us 168 hours a week. How much of that do we return to him? 

Faith is a major role in worshipping God. Read Mathew 17: 14-20. It speaks of the apostles trying to rid a man’s boy of demons, and they failed. When the man asked Jesus and he was successful, the apostles asked how he did it and why it did not work for them? He replied, because of their little faith. If we want to promise given to us, his blessings and his miracles. We need to have faith. Let’s strive to do what we say and prove ourselves before God to receive all he has to offer.